In 2016 Ireland celebrates the centenary of the 1916 rising, a seminal moment where a group of Irish revolutionaries proclaimed Ireland’s independence. The centenary will be signified through an extensive programme of activity that will take place locally, nationally and internationally and is being coordinated by a programme team from the Department of Arts, heritage and the Gaeltacht.

In the run up to the launch of the programme many divergent opinions were being expressed in relation to the centenary and there was a need to develop a coherent narrative and identity around the programme.



We began the project by facilitating a workshop with the core programme team and support agencies to structure and focus the key messages around launch. The ambition for the centenary was defined as being an opportunity to remember the past, reflect on the changes over the last century, and to re-imagine together where we are going as a nation.



As part of the identity development we explored the iconography surrounding 1916 and how it has evolved over the years. Our ambition was to create a strong simple mark for the centenary that transcended politics and could be embraced by everyone.

The resulting identity was based around a simple mark that recognised the span of the 1916—2016. Seven diamonds were used as an underline. These represented the original seven signatories of the proclamation in 1916 and how their actions put a line under one chapter in Irish history and started a new one. The seven diamonds also represent the seven strands of the centenary programme. This mark was supported by an identity system that rolled out across environments, website, video and commemorative print collateral.


The Outcome

The launch of the programme was positively received across the spectrum of political opinion with the identity being recognised as playing an important role in fostering support and engendering pride.

Zero-G continues to work as  core partner of the 2016 team as it gears up for the year's activities in 2016 itself.